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What Scot-Med LLC offers to its Business Partners:


  • A One-Stop-Solution for government procurement.

  • Federally designated: small business, woman-owned.

  • Constant contact with your sales team.

  • Coordination for shipping, purchase orders, and invoicing.

  • Government Contracts Experience: DAPA, BPA, ECAT, FSS, GSA, and Kit Assemblages.

  • 60 years of government experience

  • Monitoring of bid boards for opportunities for your products

Scot-Med LLC. can provide keen solutions to help grow your existing products with an added value relationship with all government entities. Companies interested in growing their government sales while maintaining compliance will have great success partnering with Scot-Med, LLC.   


Scot-Med offers an Exclusive Distributor Program (EDP) for manufacturers where we act as your sole distributor for all government requests. We will quote the government and all other vendors who wish to purchase your products. Joining our EDP means you only have to deal with ONE company and can rest assured your great products will be our number one focus.  Most importantly you will always be paid on time.

We have enticing terms for vendors who wish to work exclusively with Scot-Med through our program. If you would like to know more about working in partnership with Scot-Med please use our Contact Page.

We look forward to working with your company and streamlining the procurement process for all government facilities worldwide.

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